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The Driver Trainer's Manual is a book that will benefit all trainers, with all the information needed in word and diagram to help you teach learners drive defensively and correctly - not just to pass a test.


The Driver Trainer’s Manual is the book that will give you all this information - and more! This book is an ideal resource tool for teaching driving as it contains all the techniques and information that you will need to be successful.The manual is easy to follow with numerous diagrams, flow charts and specific situations and techniques.


There are over 160 pages of detailed information that has been written to comply with the practical portion of the Certificate IV competency standards. You will not find any other book on the market that has anywhere near the amount of information that is in this manual. Other books just give you a brief overview and then leave it up to you, these books actually tell you how to do it, step by step!



Did you Know?


Test Yourself






  • What are the boundaries on an intersection?
  • What is a 'road related area'?
  • What does a single dividing line mean?
  • Do you know how close to a steering wheel a driver should sit?
  • Are you able to tell students what to expect when ABS is activated?
  • Do you know the difference between training and instruction?
Were you able to answer all correctly - No?
Then you may need the Driver Trainer's Manual.




Contact us Now - This will be the most important book you can buy.


A valuable resource for the driver training industry.


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